Convertible Clam Shelter
Vito Acconci



Artist: Vito Acconci
Title: Convertible Clam Shelter
Materials: Fiberglass, Clam Shells,         Polyester Resin, Steel, Rope, Lights, Audio
Fabrication + Installation: Demiurge
Location: Dec 2012 at Art Basel Miami

Demiurge, under the direction of GreenBlue, was pleased to work with Vito Acconci to produce the last two in the edition of five Convertible Clam Shelter (1990), originally displayed at James Corcoran Gallery in Santa Monica. This piece was seminal in uniting art, architecture, and interactive elements in one cohesive piece of art. Through the use of photographs, digital tools, and original production documents, Demiurge was able to reconstruct the form and detail of the piece to ensure all 5 editions were visually consistent. 

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