A true collaborative partner, Demiurge translates artists’ visions and brings them to life. Cost-effective design solutions paired with site-specific fabrication and installation plans create one-of-a-kind works. Our commitment to the artistic quality and integrity is unparalleled.



Building art is complex and exciting. That’s why we love it and have developed a myriad of techniques to build whatever our clients dream up. We leverage our research and development cycles, hone our precision fabrication techniques, and rely heavily on the full digital integration between the design team and our production shop to create finished works that exceed expectations. We understand the importance of keeping clients connected via daily updates, a real-time private client web page, photo and video progress reports, and on site visits, all of which are built into the project timeline and deliverables.


Research and development is a necessity when you’re always building something new and interesting. It’s part of what makes sculptural fabrication exciting and a big part of why we are so passionate about it. New techniques, material research, and process iteration keep our work fresh and relevant in a constantly shifting fabrication and design environment.



Being precise is paramount when you are building complex geometries and forms. Precision within our workflow starts with extremely accurate 3D models where every detail is fully realized. This directly translates into precision parts and pieces that are assembled via highly accurate fabrication methods and finally measured to the highest industry standard.



Complex geometries can rarely be fully described in 2D drawings. This is why we don’t rely on creating paper shop drawings to communicate the information in our 3D models. Instead, our fabricators are trained to use our 3D modelling software to extract the information they need in real time directly from the fully detailed digital model.



It’s typically the last step in our process but always something we consider from the very beginning. Installation of large scale sculpture requires seamless coordination with clients, owners, municipalities, equipment suppliers, safety personnel, transportation authorities, to mention just a few. We enjoy the challenges of operating heavy equipment and installing artwork as efficiently as possible.