A true collaborative partner, Demiurge translates artists’ visions and brings them to life. Cost-effective design solutions paired with site-specific fabrication and installation plans create one-of-a-kind works. Our commitment to the artistic quality and integrity is unparalleled.



Much of the front end work we do at Demiurge is design development; every project presents a new and exciting set of challenges. Bring us a simple maquette, a napkin sketch, or a partially developed 3D model and our design team has the skills and experience to figure out all the details, create construction drawings, finalize engineering requirements, and plan the transport, installation and maintenance of the piece.


Gravity is annoying, but we’ve become experts in how to design structure that is subtle or celebrated. Every project needs to stand the test of time and whatever nature has in store. During our structural design process we collaborate with our engineer partners and make sure the structure and aesthetic requirements remain in harmony together.


We make complicated drawing packets, even though they are so 2004.


We figure out lots of complicated details, so you can relax and pretend you did it yourself.


Optimization may seem like an obvious step in the design process but it becomes a larger and more important consideration when you are building complex forms and surfaces. For example, a parabolic curve in a sculpture with constantly changing radii can be optimized into a set of single radii arcs without compromising the artworks aesthetic in any way. Although the look of the piece is imperceptible the effect on the project budget is paramount.


Our workflow during design development is centered around the 3D modeling program Rhinoceros, and it’s partner software Grasshopper. Computational design, sometimes called Parametric modeling, is utilized in many of our designs to optimize the iterative design process and create a more intelligent transfer of information between the design and fabrication phases.

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