Osman Akan



Artist: Osman Akan
Title: Nano
Materials: Carbon Steel, Catalyzed Paint Coating
Fabrication + Installation: Demiurge
Engineering: KL&A
Location: SUNY Nanotechnology Center, Marcy, NY

Demiurge was thrilled to work with artist Osman Akan on his latest work, Nano. Demiurge installed Nano at the SUNY (State University of New York) Nanotechnology Center on the Marcy, NY campus. The piece references research and intervention on nano-scale structures such as cellular aggregations, viral rNA, and other biological systems. The form was created through extensive collaborative design development with the artist, culminating in a 16’ tall sculpture with 75 individual cells.

Each cell is unique, and the geometry of the sculpture morphs from a hexagonal cells at the base to a mid-section composed of transitional polygons, and finally to the upper portion composed of rotated hexagon cells. In addition to the dynamic cell shapes, the size and structural depth of each aperture are both variable and respond to the structural needs of the sculpture. This creates a structure which is thicker and more monolithic at the base and graduates to a lightweight and delicate tectonic lattice at the top.

Nano marks the third successful collaboration with artist Osman Akan. Demiurge had previously produced Fragmenta, located in Anchorage, Alaska and Albedo, located at the Denver Botanic Gardens. 


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