Scholar Rock After Monet
Matt Harris



Artist: Matthew Harris
Title: Scholar Rock After Monet
Materials: Mixed Media
Fabrication: Matt Harris + Demiurge
Installation: Demiurge
Temporary Exhibition: Sustainability Park, Denver, Colorado

Commissioning Agency: RedLine

Matt Harris, a Demiurge resident and emerging artist, recently installed his project Scholar Rock After Monet, at Redline Sustainability Park for Denvers’ Biennial of the Americas 2013.

“Located within RedLine’s Sustainability Park, “Scholar Rock After Monet” offers an opportunity to reflect on nature and our relationship within it. In conversation with the landscape of the park and the city, “Scholar Rock after Monet” will highlight the changing seasons as the backdrop of light and foliage shift to create new formal relationships with the crags, crevices, and colors of the sculpture’s surface.” - Matt Harris

In addition, Demiurge is worked with Harris on another piece based on Bernini’s masterpiece, Apollo and Daphne, commissioned by Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design for a new sculpture park on the campus.

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