Color Field, Ivan Toth Depena


Project Profile:

Artist: Ivan Toth Depeña
Title: Color Field
Materials: Mild Steel, Catalyzed Paint, LEDs, Laminated and Tempered Glass
Fabrication + Installation: Demiurge
Commissioning Agency: RTD FastTracks

Demiurge worked closely with artist Ivan Toth Depeña to fabricate and install Color Field, which is located along the RTD West Rail Line at the Federal Center Station in Lakewood, Colorado. Commissioned as part of Denver’s RTD FasTracks transit expansion, the piece casts variegated blocks of color across ramps, stairs and walkways used to access the station.  

The piece is composed of painted steel structure with laminated colored glass panels that have been tempered for safety. Each glass panel is backlit by LED lighting, creating an immersive visual experience at night as well as during daytime. Each of the 18 structures was created using algorithmic design software to position the structures and the attached glass panels in the perfect orientation. For Depeña, this process insured that each sculpture and each glass lens was unique yet contributed to the overall vision of the work.

Demiurge worked with Ivan Toth Depeña on another public art piece, Arc located at the Northeast Regional Library in Aventura, Florida.

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