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A true collaborative partner, Demiurge translates artists’ visions and brings them to life. Cost-effective design solutions paired with site-specific fabrication and installation plans create one-of-a-kind works. Our commitment to the artistic quality and integrity is unparalleled.  


“Nano” for artist Osman Akan

Project Profile:

Artist: Osman Akan
Title: Nano
Materials: Mild Steel, Catalyzed Paint Coating
Location: SUNY Nanotechnology Center, Marcy, NY
Fabrication/Installation: Demiurge LLC

Demiurge is thrilled to announce the completion of Nano for artist Osman Akan. Demiurge recently installed Nano at the SUNY (State University of New York) Nanotechnology Center on the Marcy, NY campus. The piece references research and intervention on nano-scale structures such as cellular aggregations, viral rNA, and other biological systems. The form was created through extensive collaborative design development with the artist, culminating in a 16’ tall sculpture with 75 individual cells.

Each cell is unique, and the geometry of the sculpture morphs from a hexagonal cells at the base to a mid-section composed of transitional polygons, and finally to the upper portion composed of rotated hexagon cells. In addition to the dynamic cell shapes, the size and structural depth of each aperture are both variable and respond to the structural needs of the sculpture. This creates a structure which is thicker and more monolithic at the base and graduates to a lightweight and delicate tectonic lattice at the top.

The 425 unique parts are laser cut from six sheets of mild steel.

Each of the parts is labeled and sorted according to the order in which they will be constructed.

Starting from the base, one-by-one each part is tacked into place.

The seams fully welded in accordance with engineering specifications.

The welds are ground and prepared for paint.

Multiple coats and layers of paint are applied to the sculpture.

A special frame is created for transportation.

On site, the sculpture is craned and anchored into place.

Nano marks the third successful collaboration with artist Osman Akan.Demiurge had previously produced Fragmenta, located in Anchorage, Alaska and Albedo, located at the Denver Botanic Gardens. 


“With Liberty and Justice for All (A Work In Progress)” for artist Jim Hodges

Project Profile:

Artist: Jim Hodges
Title: With Liberty and Justice for All (A Work In Progress)
Materials: Mirror Polished Stainless Steel, Dichroic Laminated Acrylic
Commissioning Agency: Aspen Art Museum
Fabrication/Installation: Demiurge LLC

Demiurge recently completed a new public art piece for artist Jim Hodges. The piece was commissioned by the Aspen Art Museum in conjunction with the completion of their new building in downtown Aspen, Colorado. Hodges’ piece consists of 7 foot tall letters fabricated from mirror-polish stainless steel and a specialized Dichroic laminate. Each letter weighs several hundred pounds and requires a specially-designed base which allows them to stand upright without touching the delicate facade of the Shigeru Ban-designed building.

Adjustable, below-grade footings for the letters which allowed on-site leveling and compensation for inconsistencies in the landscape.

All of the components for the letters were cut via CNC processes. Here, the stainless steel elements, which were laser cut.

The finished pieces have no visible hardware nor connections, but each piece required extensive work to hide the fasteners.

Demiurge performs a full mock-up of the sculpture before it leaves the shop in order to check the letter spacing.

In addition to CNC cutting all of the components, we rely on CNC-cut fixtures, jigs, and templates to ensure that every aspect of the fabrication is reinforcing the high tolerances we strive for.

The structure required to support each letter was hidden in a shallow “false back” which allowed the letters to have no visible fasteners or connectors.

The inside of each letter is painted white to accentuate the color generated by the Dichroic laminate. 

 A specialized Dichroic laminate film applied to high-quality acrylic sheets is the material used for the front faces.

The structure and false back is laid into the letters, forming a seamless whole.

Transporting the letters is as important as building them. These custom-built crates keep the artwork safe in transit.

The structural frame, or foundation, of the letters is designed to integrate with landscape elements on site.

The structural frame and “foundation” design employed deadwights to enable the sculpture to stand upright without attaching to the facade of the building.

Demiurge performed a final, thorough cleaning and polishing on-site before installing the letters.

After careful polishing, each letter was placed onto its corresponding frame and locked in place with hidden hardware.

Production of "With Liberty and Justice For All" for artist Jim Hodges from Demiurge LLC on Vimeo.


Demiurge produced this piece on an incredibly tight timeline, requiring both our in-house fabricators and external vendors to provide the highest-quality and best service possible to keep everything running on schedule. Fortunately, the exceptional relationships we have forged with these vendors over years of collaboration and many projects paid off as all of our materials and processing requirements were met within extremely limited timeframes. Once the materials were delivered to us, our team of skilled fabricators worked tirelessly in extended and double shifts to to ensure that not only was the piece ready to be installed on time, but that it would meet the high standards of finish quality and precision that are an integral part of every project Demiurge produces.


“Willow” Completed for Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY™

Project Profile:
Artist: Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY™
Title: Willow
Materials: Aluminum, Structural Rivets, Catalyzed Paint Coating
Commissioning Agency: Edmonton Arts Council
Fabrication/Installation: Demiurge LLC

Demiurge has been working with Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY™ to bring his unique style of structural skin sculptures to a larger scale capable of creating space and volume. To that end, Demiurge recently installed Willow, a new sculptural shade structure commissioned by the Edmonton Arts Council as part of the newly renovated Borden Park, in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. Willow is composed of over 700 unique aluminum parts requiring over 5,000 bends to fabricate and over 14,000 structural fasteners to assemble.

With 719 pieces, it was essential that meticulous planning and organization be utilized in order to ensure quality and consistency. As a method of organization, each piece was assigned a unique key, which was used to solidify it’s place throughout various phases of production and installation. These rigorous checks and standards were essential for the successful outcome both in the Demiurge studio and on site during installation.

Demiurge worked closely with THEVERYMANY to refine the structural detailing underpinning the piece. Through multiple re-designs, we were able to create a set of parameters for THEVERYMANY to work within, allowing them to bring their unique style of structural skins to an exterior installation.

Willow represents the first permanent, outdoor installation THEVERYMANY has completed, and it marks the beginning of a number of outdoor, large-scale pieces which will be completed by TVM. 

Courtesy of EAC Public Art / Doyle C. Marko Photography

Courtesy of EAC Public Art / Doyle C. Marko Photography

Courtesy of EAC Public Art / Doyle C. Marko Photography

Courtesy of EAC Public Art / Doyle C. Marko Photography

Courtesy of EAC Public Art / Doyle C. Marko Photograph

Coming Up: "Bloomendaal" - Mark Reigelman

Demiurge is excited to be collaborating with Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman to produce Bloomendaal, slated for installation in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City as part of a new development by Gotham West. A 15 foot tall geometric abstraction of a blooming flower, Bloomendaal is being fabricated from a mix of stainless and weathering steel, commonly referred to by its trade name CORTEN steel, which is a unique alloy developed to form a stable, long-lasting patina. The majority of the sculpture will be constructed from weathering steel, while stainless will form polished accents on the interior of the sculpture, creating a physical and visual contrast between the two materials.



Coming Up: Jim Hodges

Demiurge is currently working with the Aspen Art Museum and Jim Hodges Studio to fabricate and install his latest public artwork for the August opening of the Aspen Art Museum’s new building. Designed by Hodges, the piece is composed of twenty-seven, mirror-polished stainless steel characters spelling out the phrase, “With Liberty and Justice For All.” The letters utilize a specialized dichroic laminate front face in concert with mirror-polished stainless steel back and sides to lend the art a rich, layered aesthetic that plays off the facade of the Shigeru Ban-designed building. The words will wrap around the East and North facades of the newly constructed building and will be installed for the grand opening at the beginning of next month.

Fabrication at the Demiurge studio is well underway- you can keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook, Instagram and our home page.


"Willow" Installation Complete

The Demiurge team just returned from Borden Park in Edmonton, Alberta, where they installed a new public art piece, Willow, for artist Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY.

Video by Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY


“Color Field” Completed for artist Ivan Toth Depeña

Project Profile:
Artist: Ivan Toth Depeña
Title: Color Field
Materials: Mild Steel, Catalyzed Paint, LEDs, Laminated and Tempered Glass
Commissioning Agency: RTD FastTracks
Fabrication/Installation: Demiurge, LLC

Demiurge is excited to announce the completion of Color Field for artist Ivan Toth Depeña. Color Field is located along the RTD West Rail Line at the Federal Center Station in Lakewood, Colorado. Commissioned as part of Denver’s RTD FasTracks transit expansion, the piece casts variegated blocks of color across ramps, stairs and walkways used to access the station.  

The piece is composed of painted steel structure with laminated colored glass panels that have been tempered for safety. Each glass panel is backlit by LED strip lighting, creating an immersive visual experience at night as well as during daytime. Each of the 18 structures was created using algorithmic design software to position the structures and the attached glass panels in the perfect orientation. For Depeña, this process insured that each sculpture and each glass lens was unique yet contributed to the overall vision of the work.

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"In Three Movements" by Spanish artist Sebastián

Demiurge recently re-installed In Three Movements by Spanish artist Sebastián at the Cesar Chavez Memorial Building in central Denver. This installation completes the renovation of the piece which also saw it moved to a new location in front of the building. The piece forms the foundation for the growing Art Park which will be located in front of the building on a triangular plot.

The restoration of this sculpture was a time and resource intensive process undertaken with the utmost of care. Demiurge stripped the sculpture back to bare metal where we found many instances of rust infiltration and cracking and crazing in welds. We repaired the sculpture where necessary and used automotive surface-finishing techniques to ensure that the facets of the sculpture - so important to the “Sensual Geometry” that characterizes Sebastián’s work - were perfectly flat and planar, with crisp edges and well-defined intersections. We then painted the piece with a long-lasting durable paint in Sebastián;s signature bright red, and worked to coordinate the sculpture foundation on site. Demiurge stored the piece briefly while GE Johnson completed the building renovations (which serves as the GSA office in Denver).

Each of the three pieces are carefully craned into place.

Our recent installation completes our role in this job and returns a significant artwork to its rightful place in the Denver community.

Stop by and see it at the Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Building.


"Color Field" Installation Time Lapse

Demiurge recently installed “Color Field,” a new, permanent public art installation by artist Ivan Toth Depeña at the Federal Center Station in Lakewood, Colorado. Additional fabrication and installation details are coming soon.

Ivan Toth Depeña : "Color Field" : Installation Time Lapse from Ivan Toth Depeña on Vimeo.


Fabrication of "Color Field" is Nearing Completion

Demiurge is in the final phases of fabrication for artist, Ivan Toth Depena’s Color Field, which is slated for installation at the Federal Center Light Rail station in Denver, Colorado. Each armature has been wired with up to four LED strips and mounted with hardware to hold the custom colored glass panels, which will be added on site during installation in the coming weeks. 


Project Update: "Nano"

Demiurge is halfway complete with Nano, a sculpture for artist Osman Akan which will be placed at the SUNY Nanotechnology Center on the Marcy, NY campus. The sculpture has been fully assembled and welding is substantially complete - the balance of work on this piece is in finishing and paint.  Once the sculpture is completed, it will be shipped to Marcy, NY, where the artist, Osman Akan will be joined by students from the School of Fine Arts to complete the installation. 


Coming up: "Willow" - Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY

"Willow" - Rendering courtesy and copyright of artist.Demiurge is excited to be partnering with Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY for an upcoming project to be installed at Borden Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The project has been commissioned by the Edmonton Arts Council, and was awarded to THEVERYMANY following a juried selection process.  Marc Fornes, the principal and founder of Brooklyn’s THEVERYMANY, has designed and built an extensive body of work utilizing computer science in the development of computation applied design and digital fabrication. Fornes’ designs, including Willow, are formed through the transformation of flat elements into complex, self-supporting shell structures.


Coming up: "Nano" - Osman Akan

"Nano" - Rendering courtesy and copyright of artist.

This sculpture by Osman Akan will be installed at the SUNY (State University of New York) Nanotechnology Center on the Marcy, NY campus. The piece references research and intervention on nano-scale structures such as cellular aggregations, viral rNA, and other biological systems. The form was created through extensive collaborative design development with the artist, culminating in a 16’ tall sculpture with 75 individual cells.

Each cell is unique, and the geometry of the sculpture morphs from a hexagonal cells at the base to a mid-section composed of transitional polygons, and finally to the upper portion composed of rotated hexagon cells. In addition to the dynamic cell shapes, the size and structural depth of each aperture are both variable and respond to the structural needs of the sculpture. This creates a structure which is thicker and more monolithic at the base and graduates to a lightweight and delicate tectonic lattice at the top.


Coming up: Color Field - Ivan Toth Depena

"Color Field" - Rendering courtesy and copyright of artist.Demiurge is thrilled to be partnering with Brooklyn based artist and designer, Ivan Toth Depena for a second time. Color Field, is a site-specific artwork commissioned by the Art-n-Transit program of Denver for the Federal Center Station. Depena’s work is informed by his experience and background in art, architecture, technology and design. Color Field will utilize natural and LED light in combination with custom colored glass to create a vast display of color. 


Demiurge Completes Iridescent Cloud for Haddad | Drugan 

Project Profile

Artist: Tom Drugan and Laura Haddad of Haddad | Drugan
Title: Iridescent Cloud
Location: Morgridge Family Exploration Center, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver, CO
Dimensions: 80’ x 35’ x 30’
Materials: Stainless Steel, High-Tensile Cable, Acrylic Tetrahedrons

Demiurge is thrilled to announce the completion and installation of Iridescent Cloud for Haddad | Drugan, an artist team composed of  Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan of Seattle, WA.  Commissioned and owned by the City and County of Denver, Iridescent Cloud is the public art component of the recent addition to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. In conceptualizing the piece, Haddad | Druagn drew inspiration from the “museum’s mineral collection, exhibits about the optical properties of light, and Colorado’s dynamic sun and sky, and iridescent clouds”.

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Iridescent Cloud Installation, Phase One Complete

Demiurge recently completed the first phase installation of Iridescent Cloud, an assemblage of acrylic prisms and stainless steel rods delicately suspended above the ground by a high-tensile cable net stretched between three massive stainless steel columns.

Concept Rendering

This first phase of installation saw Demiurge install three massive hexagonal columns onto previously prepared foundations. The components were craned into place and secured to their foundations on site at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Columns are secured to the foundation


Demiurge will conclude production of the “Cloud” element and complete the second and final phase of installation in early February 2014.



Tristan Al-Haddad Visits Demiurge Studio

Demiurge is excited to be working with, artist/architect, Tristan Al-Haddad. During a recent visit Al-Haddad worked closely with Demiurge owner, Joe Riché and lead fabricator, Jason Below to research, develop  and prepare fabrication methods for, Allotrope, a new work heading to Dallas, Texas in 2014. 

Joe Riché and Tristan Al-Haddad cover project details

Material and Fabrication Research

Material and Fabrication Research

Allotrope is undoubtedly complex in both conception and physicality. “Allotrope is fundamentally about movement, change, transformation and flux; and in this way it is an analog to the city itself. It is understood to be an essential element that exists in various allotropic configurations that react to and engage the formal gestures of the building and initiate a dialog with various works of art and architecture throughout the arts district…” (from artist). Demiurge is looking forward to collaborating with Al-Haddad on this challenging and innovative project.

Artist Rendering

Artist Rendering


“Arc” Fabrication Underway

Demiurge is excited to be starting production for artist Ivan Toth Depeña’s, Arc, commissioned as part of the Miami-Dade Art in Public Places Program for the Northeast Regional Branch Library in Aventura, Florida.

You can follow the fabrication process here


"Idea Tree" Completed for artist Soo-in Yang


Image provided by Kyungsub Shin

Project Profile

Artist: Soo-in Yang

Title: Idea Tree

Location: San Jose McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, CA, USA

Dimensions: 40’l x 40’w x 18’h

Materials: Carbon Steel, Concrete, Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel Cable, Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Date of Completion: September, 2013

Demiurge recently completed Idea Tree by architect and artist Soo-in Yang. The piece was commissioned by the City of San Jose Public Art Program as part of the renovations to the City of San Jose McEnery Convention Center.  Demiurge and Soo-in Yang worked with a number of consultants and collaborators across three continents, countless time zones and many design changes to bring this piece to fruition within the schedule and budget allotted. 

Idea Tree provides a high profile gateway to the convention center by creating a link between art and technology. The sculpture accepts audio inputs - speech, song, ambient noise - and by interacting with and learning from participants using advanced AI and speech recognition software, these sounds are used to create a dynamic audio composition. Idea Tree is the embodiment of the idea that a convention center is a place where people gather to share ideas and concepts, forming the seeds for these ideas to grow and evolve.

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New Works by Joe Riché at Republic Plaza 

Project Profile:

Artist: Joe Riché

Title of Work: Untitled- 09.06.19 and The Doom-06.09.11

Location: Republic Plaza, 17th St and Tremont Denver, Colorado

Dimensions: 144”h x 120”w x 96”d

Materials: Carbon Steel, Catalyzed Paint Coating

Date of Completion: June, 2013


 Artist Profile:

Joseph Riche was born in New Orleans in 1974 and currently lives in Denver, CO where he owns and operates Demiurge LLC. Riche’s work has been exhibited at several solo, museum and public art venues throughout his career. He served as a member of the City of Denver’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Public Art Committee from 2003 to 2013.

This exhibition is composed of two pieces - Untitled and The Doom,  which evolved from Riche’s previous work with assemblages of geometric shapes, such as Trade Deficit. These pieces trade the regularized rectangular volumes of the shipping containers in Trade Deficit for a more variegated and complex assemblage of randomized polygons. These small forms aggregate to form a basic shape which is then sculpted through subtraction into a sculptural form. This piece inverts the previous dichotomy between ordered modules and chaotic form by using randomized chaotic modules to create a larger balanced composition. As the viewer moves around and past each piece on the streetscape, the perception of each sculpture’s composition changes due to its manifold shape and complex arrangement, giving the viewer alternating glimpses of chaos and order as different elements of the sculpture are revealed.

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