Demiurge’s process is designed to generate industry-leading results. Each project begins with the vision of the artist. Whether your idea is a napkin sketch or a CAD file, we collaborate on the fabrication needs, create a digital model, specify processes and materials, build, install, and maintain the sculpture. Our associations with specialized material suppliers and production facilities allow us to perform the fabrication, installation and restoration of sculpture and architectural projects anywhere, anytime. Daily updates, a  real-time private client web page, still and video progress reports, and on site visits built into the project budget keep clients connected to the project and the process.

Project Experience. Demiurge LLC has produced over 100 large scale artworks and architectural details since our inception. For the majority of these projects, Demiurge has acted as the primary contractor managing all construction design, structural engineering, sub-contractors, vendors and material suppliers to produce high quality sculptural installations on time and on budget. Demiurge utilizes detailed process planning, design, detailed communication and project management to execute projects of every scale and complexity. We have worked with a wide variety of materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, fiberglass, rubbers, wood, stone, and glass. We also have an extensive range of experience with existing and emerging finishes and finishing techniques.