Experience working with Municipalities. Demiurge LLC has worked throughout our existence to create successful relationships with city, state, federal and university campus level government entities involved in the public art process. With each project, we strive to create a strong working relationship with all involved parties by being the level headed moderator between the Artist and the commissioning agency. Often, the only way to maintain the artistic vision of the artist is to work diligently to meet all local codes, regulations and ordinances in order to avoid costly changes that can undermine the intent of a piece. Our primary job is to produce the vision of the artist within the parameters of structural engineering, local building codes and construction permitting protocol. 

Logistical Planning is one of the most challenging aspects of any constructed project, and is something that Demiurge excels at. Across the country or around the world, Demiurge is able to plan for and implement logistical processes to get your piece where it needs to go. Our established network of transportation and freight vendors provides reliable services while our design process takes into account shipping constraints and the on-site assembly process. Our contribution to the project does not end with the fabrication - we see each and every piece through installation and verify client satisfaction before we call the project finished.

Collaboration is at the core of our relationship with artists. Even the largest branded artists who maintain a studio with experts in structural design, fabrication, digital systems, and logistics, could easily partner with Demiurge, effectively increasing their studio capabilities and capacity without adding costly and time consuming overhead and administration costs. Demiurge collaborates with artists through all phases of the design and fabrication process, whether taking the artists’ vision and translating it into a piece that can be built, or helping the artist develop his or her vision in tandem with the material and processing constraints of the real world. Demiurge collaborates with artist in pursuit of high-quality and cost-effective solutions to fabrication while including planning for site-specific installations specially tailored to each piece.