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Calyx, Sabri Gokmen



Artist: Sabri Gokmen
Title: Calyx
Materials: Mild Steel, Catalyzed Paint Coating
Fabrication + Installation: Demiurge
Structural Optimization: Mark Luffel, Sabri Gokmen
Engineering: KL&A Engineering
Location: University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 

Artist Sabri Gokmen’s 12-foot tall sculpture, Calyx was selected from a pool of international submissions to be the next large-scale public artwork on the University of Rochester’s campus. Demiurge has been working with both Gokmen and the University to fabricate this work which was recently installed in Jackson Court, a heavily trafficked area adjacent to the Sage Art Center on campus.

From the artist:
This sculpture celebrates the coming of a new age where technology, nature and knowledge become intertwined to inspire the creation of a new generation which will drive the University of Rochester forward. The proposal is influenced by venation systems found in nature that not only control the development of various plant forms but also carry nourishment throughout vital organs to maintain life. The dynamic form of the sculpture represents the blossoming of knowledge on Rochester campus, where the study of life and sciences helps create a better society and contributes to the development of human cultivation and achievement. Using this form as a landmark, the sculpture intends to create awareness for the quality of the achievements and the ongoing efforts taking place on campus. The dynamic form of the sculpture will be visible from different approaches as well as other vantage points on campus that will attract visitors to the area.

The form is generated by using computer software that can create self-organizing forms through the interaction of veins that grow and support each other. Starting from the root, the veins shoot upward to search and find each other to create structural joints as well as acquire a final stabilized form. The green-yellow tones used on the sculpture are informed by the notion of plant growth. In order to create a contrast with the surrounding landscape, the sculpture uses tones of green at the base that gradually intensifies towards the crowning yellow top. The pattern and color distribution will reflect and block sunlight throughout the day, creating interesting visual effects for the people that are passing by the junction. The canopying sculpture will not only become a recognizable landmark, but will also offer a gathering space under the intricate shading canopy supported by the structural vein system.