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Ginzel / Jones



Artists:  Kristin Jones + Andrew Ginzel
Title: Axiom
Materials: Stainless Steel, Suspension Cable and Fittings
Fabrication + Installation: Demiurge
Engineering: KL&A
Location: University of Central Florida Physical Sciences Building, Orlando, FL
Dimensions: 26’ 10-3/16” x 26’ 4-5/6” 

From Jones / Ginzel:

Within the grand volume of the UCF Physical Sciences Building Lobby/Atrium, Axiom's 118 unique, faceted forms are suspended high above viewers' reach. Each scaled to represent its unique constituent of the periodic table, the elements are delicate and precise, stainless steel tetrahedrons with mirrored surfaces reflecting the commons below.

Viewers entering the Lobby/Atrium look up at a wondrous collection of elements in perpetual motion. Infinitely observant, the mirrors of each tetrahedron capture the viewer's image and amplify a small fragment of the entire space. The work is continually active, reflecting the energy of the present. Never visually static, it tracks and collect its surroundings from all directions.

Each element is suspended at a precise angle, capable of rotation and always in flux, creating a lively dialogue between the artwork and the UCF community moving through the space below.

Axiom transforms the Physical Sciences Lobby/Atrium into an optical wonder: reflecting its context, revealing both finite elements and an infinity of perspectives.