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Iterative Parametric Tables for Studio 4D

Local interior design firm Studio 4D contacted Demiurge to design and produce a series of 3 tables inspired by boulders. Demiurge took the opportunity to show off our parametric design and production capabilities.

Tables outside Redline Gallery

Our designer began by working with Studio 4D to define a height and width for the tables, a bounding box within which each table would always fit. Using Grasshopper for Rhinoceros, we programmed a simulation which would alter a basic rectangular form by adding random facets at different points on the table. The design software was set to produce one table for every second the simulation was running, enabling us to produce as many iterations as were necessary to find visually appealing forms. The simulation was started and a series of well over 300 tables was generated to start with.

Sequential iterations of the design.

From these several hundred unique tables, we selected three sets of three tables to present to Studio 4D, and allowed their designers to select the set which was most appealing. 

Final design for fabrication.

Following selection, we used the parametric script to unroll and label all of the parts for the tables, and used RhinoNest to create a sheet layout using custom nesting parameters that would enable us to efficiently shear the material. Parts were cut and stitch welded together to create a finished form.  

Scribing nested parts onto full-size steel sheets.

Table tack welded together and ready for full welding.

Final welding completely joined the edges together after which the welds were chased and ground to a smooth finish. The piece was primed, sanded, and painted, then cured over a course of four hours to set the automotive quality enamel. 

TIG welding sheet metal seams.


Grinding welds.


Table in the paint booth with primer.


Tables at Redline Gallery. 

Custom Furniture for Studio 4D from Demiurge LLC on Vimeo.

Demiurge hopes to demonstrate that the integration of fabrication constraints with the design phase of a project can yield exceptional results which surpass traditional analog design paradigms yet utilize a fraction of the resources and capital investment of cutting-edge digital fabrication. We hope to continue to develop and refine tools for translating digital information to analog processes in hopes of applying the precision of digital tools and methodologies to projects while retaining the flexibility and adaptability of traditional analog fabrication methods.