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The Technology of Art Fabrication

CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) technologies are changing art fabrication at Demiurge. These technologies have been essential components of the Aerospace, Automotive, and Marine industries for many years, and are beginning to find wide-spread acceptance in the world of art fabrication. 

Photo-realistic renderings allow artists to visualize the finished piece before fabrication ever starts (image courtesy of the artist).

Representation and fabrication techniques such as 3D scanning, parametric design, photorealistic rendering, and computer-aided manufacturing outputs (3D printing, waterjet cutting, CNC milling) have fundamentally altered the dynamics of the art fabrication industry. At Demiurge, a small team of highly trained designers and fabricators work together to utilize these advanced fabrication techniques in concert with the best elements of traditional fabrication to achieve superior results for our clients.

Virtual design of project and jigs ensures precise fitment during fabrication.

Demiurge is able to leverage the power of CAD/CAM systems to streamline the production process allowing the ability to design, develop, visualize and build artwork for clients that would not be possible without cutting-edge tools and techniques. These instruments not only improve the fabrication quality and reduced lead times but they form the foundation for a new aesthetic which could only be the product of such advanced and tightly integrated systems.


Demiurge recently completed ‘Fragmenta’ for New York-based artist Osman Akan. Following the completion of the digital model and "dry fit" using Rhinocerous software, the digital model was used to generate manufacturing information for the various elements of the project. These elements included rolled tubing designed to appear compound-curved, custom manufactured fasteners, and hundreds of pieces of precisely positioned dichroic glass. All of which had to come together within tolerances unheard of in fine-art fabrication. In addition to the work performed in the fabrication studio, Demiurge coordinated the design and installation of an in-situ concrete element by utilizing actual geo-spatial longitude and latitude coordinates to precisely integrate elements of the project being produced thousands of miles away from each other simultaneously.

Fabrication of Fragmenta.

In the production of Fragmenta, 3D technologies allowed Demiurge to utilize advanced manufacturing techniques while integrating the management of site preparation, traditional concrete construction, transportation, and assembly to create a compelling piece of art belying the immense complexity behind its construction.

Fragmenta Photo Credit: Osman Akan. Anchorage, Alaska

Visit here for more images of Fragmenta.