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Demiurge In Production of 3rd David Griggs Sculpture

Proposal rendering for CJC public art project. Image courtesy Mowry Studio.David Griggs’ sculptures can be seen all over town, from DIA’s Dual Meridian to Time Vanes off the viaduct into Denver, across from Coors Field.  Later this year, another of Griggs’ creations will be hanging in the Colorado Justice Center lobby.  Demiurge is finishing up pre-production and will be fabricating this next sculpture over the summer.

In this first phase, Demiurge is creating the necessary casting molds and fiberglass lay-up forms for the composite elements and processing the rolled steel elements that make up the internal armature.  Prep work is finishing up to begin production for a September 2012 installation.   

Demiurge has been fortunate to have worked with Griggs on two other projects as well, his Aurora Akimbo and Verve.     

About Aurora Akimbo

Aurora AkimboKnown for creating works that are in tune with the site's architecture and use, Aurora Akimbo in Expo Park, Aurora, CO, was inspired by its recreational aspects and as the gateway to Aurora.  Expo Park celebrates Colorado’s natural beauty, while revealing the transition from mountains to plains at the entrance of Aurora.  The design consists of three large sculptural elements at the northern edge of the Park, rising 24 feet above ground.  


About Verve

Created as public art for the Diagnostic Medicine Center (“DMC”) at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, Verve takes an environmental approach to representing Veterinary Sciences. Inspired by activities and images associated Vervewith the DMC, the unifying theme of this public art design is the capacity for growth. The terrazzo floor design was inspired by the exotic and beautiful formations of bacteria growth in petri dishes. An offshoot of this design are images that stem from the activity of electrons in a cloud chamber.  The design for the trellis planters reinvents an early architectural concept of bringing large plants into atrium.  The trellises arise from a crescent-shaped floor planter, adding to the representations of growth in the atrium space.

 About David Griggs

David Griggs has lived and worked in Colorado for over 35 years. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. Griggs has worked in many capacities in the arts, including gallery manager, museum preparatory, and studio artist. For the last 25 years he has been self-employed as a Public Artist, designing and building work for percent-for-art, public art, and private commissions. Griggs has created over 45 commissioned works of art in the United States and Canada. These have including projects for several cities, states, corporations and individuals. Recent commissions include projects for Albuquerque, Anchorage, Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Hope, Jacksonville, Madison, Santa Fe, Toronto, and Washington.