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Demiurge Completes Sculpture Restoration for World-Renowned Artist, Sebastián.

It's always a pleasure to work with one of the greats as Demiurge had the great opportunity to restore, "Untitled," a series of 3 sculptures from Sebastián’s catalog of large scale public sculpture.

Sebastian RestorationSebastián is considered one of Mexico's foremost living sculptors. He has gained a world-wide reputation for his large sculptures which have been commissioned by municipalities around the globe. The GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) Art in Architecture Program, which owns the artwork, oversees the commissioning of artworks for federal buildings nationwide. Demiurge was brought on by McKay Lodge, the GSA conservation contract holder, to restore and re-install the sculpture in a new location.

Demiurge de-installed, media blasted to eliminate the existing coating and corrosion, performed body work and then worked with Onsite Coatings to recoat the sculptures with a catalyzed paint system. Demiurge also collaborated with KL&A Structural Engineers for the structural design of a new base and foundation system. Just recently completed, the sculpture will be placed in storage until the construction of the new location is complete.

The GSA Art in Architecture Program oversees the commissioning of artworks for new federal buildings nationwide, with a purpose to enhance the civic meaning of federal architecture and showcase the vibrancy of American visual arts. Together, the art and architecture of federal buildings create a lasting cultural legacy for the people of the United States. GSA reserves one-half of one percent of the estimated construction cost of each new federal building to commission project artists. A panel composed of art professionals, civic and community representatives, the project’s lead design architect, and GSA staff meets to discuss opportunities for artists to participate in the building project.

McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. is a very large and diverse art conservation company operating the Ohio Conservation Center near Oberlin, Ohio. Outside of managing large government art conservation contracts and serving Midwest museums, art conservation services are also available to a limited extent to the public. The art conservation center was established in 1989.