"Fragmenta" includes 300 squares of stainless steel and dichroic glass panels that hang from a 20 foot tall brushed stainless steel structure.

From its concave and convex surfaces to the orientation of its structure, the entire artwork is formed by the daily and yearly cycles of the Sun in the particular location of the Alaska Crime Detection Laboratory. Much like the shifting colors of the seasons, the artwork also changes its appearance by reflecting and refracting sunrays, and by the observation angle of its audience.


By Osman Akan 

Artist - Osman Akan
Engineering - Reid Middleton
Production - Demiurge LLC
Installation - Demiurge LLC + Neeser Construction

Location: Crime Detection Laboratory, Anchorage, Alaska (permanent location)
Birth: May 2012
Dimensions: 20 foot tall x 25ft deep x 100ft long
Materials: Stainless steel, dichromatic filters, safety glass, HID lights, white concrete


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